Hole.io Online

Hole.io is an online multiplayer io game that is free for all players from across the world to join and master their skills. You can play Hole.io online unblocked on your Windows PC or download Hope.io app to your mobile device and play it on your phone. Hole.io unblocked is very the same as agar.io game in terms of gameplay mechanics. So, if you are a fan of games like this, make sure you try both of them for a lot of fun.

About Hole.io online io game

Hole.io online is a multiplayer game about eating various holes to grow your size. You spawn in a huge city with amazing graphics, and you must be ready for an epic adventure awaiting you ahead. You take control of a little black hole around the city to hunt for foods, and by foods, it means that you must eat up almost everything coming in your path, from humans, buildings, fences, post boxes, city lights, to your real opponent holes. If you want to devour the other holes, you have to make sure that your hole is way bigger than them. In case you come across the ones that are larger than you, quickly run away from them before they catch you, or else the game will be over immediately.

As you get larger, you will be ready to dominate the entire city! Put all of your efforts into consuming the biggest buildings on the map as well as all opponents to keep your size increase much more until you get to the top rank on the leaderboard, making you the ultimate winner. After you have wiped out everything on the map or when the time is up, your score will appear on the screen, then you will get yourself ready for a new game coming.

Playing Hole.io with online people or with your real friends

Hole.io lets you compete against various random online people from around the globe. You can join these public matches to fight against those strange people, but if you want to experience a game with your local friends, feel free to enjoy Hole.io with them in a bar over the Bluetooth. Hole.io unblocked game becomes much more awesome thanks to this option of playing a local multiplayer. You are fully enabled to connect with your friends in real life, and you can join Hole.io with them at the same time on your mobile phone too.

Hole.io can be easily played on mobile devices powered by both Android and iOS. All you need to do is to have your Bluetooth ready to be connected if you want to join the local multiplayer game with your real-life friends.

In-game features

  • A fun and addictive multiplayer io game focusing on black holes that try to compete against each other to dominate the entire city.
  • Various matches with the time-limited element.
  • Feel free to control the movement of your black hole around the city to grow in size and earn points
  • Plenty of edible objects scattered across the city.


  • If you play Hole.io online on Windows PC, you will need to use your mouse to direct the movement of your black hole around the city.
  • But if you play Hole.io on mobile devices, make sure you will have your finger ready to control the hole. Drag a finger to the location and object that you want to devour.

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