Play Game is an entertaining and awesome io game about monsters. In this Agario-inspired strategy multiplayer game, you will become a cute monster that is able to chomp your opponents who are also monsters directed by other human players too. In the game, you have to make your way through the map eating a lot of food and other smaller monsters to get yourself larger. Eating food will be a good way to grow up, and you can even grow faster eating a lot of weaker monsters. Make sure you stay away from the bigger monsters, or else you will be eaten, which causes the game to be over. Like, you can also use the speed boost feature to catch your enemies or use it to run away from dangers. Are you a great monster that can chomp everything in its way? Feel free to play online with many friends now!

How To Play

Direct the movement of your monster around the map using the mouse. Left click to attack and right click to speed up.

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