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Play online game you will be able to eat the whole map in a short time! Control a tiny black hole and roam throughout the city to find food. It is the main resource that will help you earn a higher rank and get closer to the top spot rapidly. It is completely simple to join Multiplayer Mode! In other words, you can discover lots of enemies around the metropolis easily after you spawn aside from structures.

Play the latest version of in your browser you should consume as much as possible. It is actually useful for you to do that because you can grow bigger and climb up to the best position of the leaderboard faster. It is recommended to capture smaller objects at first. When you achieve a certain amount of mass, you can chase weaker players in unblocked. They will make you enlarge significantly. Watch out! It is hard to run away from somebody larger once you let them approach you. Try to survive and you will have the chance to be a giant King!

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Use the mouse cursor to navigate your black hole

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