Hole.io app has become a very famous game for mobile devices and attracted a huge number of Android users. Hole.io mobile is so enchanting to play. You will surely get addicted to it for sure. Playing Hole.io on Android is not a tough thing for all people to experience, even though it is only available on iOS devices for now. If you want to play the game on your mobile device fluently without undergoing any troubles, you’d better check this guide below right now to learn all useful Hole.io tips and tricks for Android devices.

About Hole.io multiplayer game

Hole.io is a game that is very similar to Agar.io in terms of gameplay. Hole.io is developed by the French publisher Voodoo, and it’s totally free to play on PC or free to download on Android/iOS devices. You take on the role of a little black hole roaming a huge city where you have to absorb all people with edible objects around you to increase your size. The more objects and people you devour, the larger the size you will become, making your points increase too. The main goal of Hole.io Android game is to become the largest hold ruling the entire city.

Latest Hole.io News

At the moment, players can only play Hole.io mobile on iOS devices, which is such a pity thing for Android users who are unable to access the game. But don’t let this make you down! Let’s find out a practical way that helps you enjoy Hole.io on Android.

How to play Hole.io on Android

To play Hole.io on Android, you should use something called ApowerMirror which is known as a cross-platform screen mirroring app that is able to function on three kinds of devices, including PC, Android, and iOS. By using ApowerMirror, you will be enabled to mirror iOS screen on your Android device, which lets you play Hole.io easily. Follow the steps below to learn how to use ApowerMirror now:

  • Step 1: First, you have to get ApowerMirror downloaded and installed on your iOS and Android device.

Hole.io Android Hole.io iOS

  • Step 2: Your iOS device and Android device must be connected to the identical WiFi network.
  • Step 3: Now, you have to open the Hole.io app on both phones. When on the iOS device, touch the blue mirror button to find the device you want to connect. And when it detects your Android device, you must connect it by touching its name.
How to play Hole.io on Android
How to play Hole.io on Android
  • Step 4: Now, you will return to your iPhone device, open the Control Center, then select Screen Mirroring or Airplay Mirroring. After that, you will select the Android’s name.
  • Step 5: After the screen of the iOS device has been mirrored to the Android device, you can feel free to launch Hole.io and begin to play it on your Android phone.

Hole.io tips and tricks

  • Get used to with the map. Hole.io features only one map for now, so you need to keep in mind all the locations that will probably bring benefits to you, especially when you have just started the game.
  • At the beginning of the game, you should not aim at trees and streetlights. It will be better if you leave them ignored when you are just at the very first level. These trees and streetlights are usually very hard and will consume a huge amount of time when sinking.
  • If there are moving objects and people around you, leave them ignored too. You should follow them, or else you will waste your time as the game only has a 2-minute time limit, so every second becomes very important to you. You should aim at non-moving objects, such as trees, posts, fences, and benches.
  • After reaching a bigger size, it’s time for you to go hunt other holes and absorb them. Make sure you only eat the smaller ones. Eating enemy holes will give you a lot of points depending on their sizes.
  • Keep your hole away from the larger holes or else you will get eaten by them. Once you get eaten, you cannot play for 5 seconds, and you will not have a high chance to win.
  • Go search for an area that is strongly crowded. Ignore the far-away areas and focus on finding a nice place that has many edible things. You are recommended to go to the enclosed park because you will find many people and small objects there.
  • Eating cards can grow your points very fast. After reaching a big enough size to absorb cars, you can wander around the map finding more random things to eat, and searching for their spawn point too. Maybe you will want to find parking lots to collect points and then consume buildings.
  • Keep moving! You need to continue wandering around the map and reach more paths to find more holes. You can use your own smart strategies to outmatch all of the enemies and then quickly absorb them before they have a chance to eat you.

Hopefully, the guide is useful enough for you to play Hole.io on Android phones. If you are a fan of Hole.io Mobile, be sure to play it on your Windows PC for free as well to experience more enemy encounters and conquer them all.

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