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Bomb The Mountain unblocked is a fun hopping game online that challenges your hopping skills. Feel free to play the game in your browser to express your skills and see how many levels you can conquer.

In Bomb The Mountain free game, you must help your character named B-Pop bomb his way through mountains full of obstacles. You need to control his movement carefully to hop onto the areas as instructed in your mission. The mountain is filled with explosives, stick jelly, lava, and more. You have to avoid them all because if you hop onto them, the game will be over. You should calculate your moves because every time you make a hop, the mountain will collapse. Besides hopping onto the right areas, you must hop fast as well. The mountain keeps dropping away behind you. Everything must be done in a quick and careful way for a chance of winning. Play Bomb The Mountain game online now! Have fun!

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How To Play Bomb The Mountain

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control the movement of your character and help him hop on the mountain in the game.

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