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Flap Royale free unblocked is a racing classic io game inspired by Flappy Bird and other battle royale games. You and other birds have to race against each other to see who will get the highest score and conquer the race. When you spawn, you must start flapping your wings carefully to fly through a world full of pipes. These pipes are your obstacles, so you must avoid touching them if you want to win the race. If you touch a certain pipe or fly down to the ground, your race will be over. For every pipe you get through, you get one point. The more pipes you conquer, the higher the score you will get. This also takes you to the top place on the leaderboard where you become the best bird of the race. There can be only one winner! Try your best to achieve it! Come play Flap Royale now to show your skills! Have fun!

How To Play Flap Royale

Use the mouse or spacebar to click on the screen and flap your wings.

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