Play Game unblocked is a wizard io game online where you play the role of an exorcist who has to fight off all waves of monsters and their bosses using weapons, spells, and potions. free online will be one of the best io games with awesome features to explore. The game is playable for free in a browser, so come play it now!

When you step into the arena of the game, you should be ready because you will face 51 waves of monsters coming to kill you. You have to kill them all if you want to survive and win. There are many things you can use to defeat them, such as shooting bullets, using a blade to slice them, using energy bombs to make them explode, or beating them with strong spirits. Make use of your equipment and weapons so you can outplay all waves of monsters before they have a chance to kill you. Besides killing them, you should collect souls. When you have enough souls, you can buy items in the store and these items will help boost your strength. Since the difficulty of the waves will be increased, it’s better for you to strengthen yourself as well as equip yourself with smarter strategies, especially when you are about to fight against the boss. Your goal in game is to become the best wizard! Play and have fun with it!

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How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move your character, toggle the trade using Q, exchange items using G, open the store using B, and sell items using K.

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