Play Game is one of the free-for-all Slither style games. Choose the worm you love and embark on an interesting match with multiple rivals. After spawning on the map, you need to eat food available to grow in size and improve your ranks. It is important to take over the leaderboard afterward. Alike with the rule of the original, you are able to defeat the big opponents even you are still smaller than them. To eliminate a target in unblocked, you must make their head bump into your body. If you are successful, the prey will explode into pieces and you can loot their remains to get a longer tail quickly. Aside from moving normally, it is possible to speed up. However, sprinting will consume your mass. Don’t let it drop down too fast or you cannot dominate the top spot as expected! Play online you don’t ignore power-ups! They are scattered across the path and bring back special effects. Gather them and avoid running into anybody for survival!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move the worm around the map

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